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NBA, Euroleague, and Jamaican National Team Star Joins P.H.A.S.E.1 Academy as Ambassador and Coach!

Coach Samardo Samuels joins the P.H.A.S.E.1 Academy Jamaica family. 🇯🇲🏀

We are beyond thrilled to share some incredible news with our P.H.A.S.E.1 Academy community: NBA, Euroleague, and Jamaican National Team Star, Samardo Samuels, has officially joined forces with us as our new ambassador and coach! 🌟 With Samuels on board, we're ushering in a new era of basketball excellence and unparalleled mentorship for our young athletes.

Samardo Samuels boasts an illustrious basketball career spanning over 15 years, with achievements that speak volumes about his talent and dedication to the sport. Born on January 9, 1989, in Jamaica, Samuels has made his mark as a professional basketball player for the Mayrouba Club of the Lebanese Basketball League. His impressive resume includes stints in the NBA, where he showcased his skills as a versatile forward, as well as notable achievements such as winning the Italian League Championship and earning recognition as a Greek League All-Star.

But Samuels' impact extends far beyond his achievements on the court. He has represented Jamaica with pride on the international stage, competing in prestigious events like the FIBA Americas Championship. His commitment to his home country and passion for nurturing young talent make him the perfect fit for P.H.A.S.E.1 Academy's mission of empowering Jamaican youth through basketball.

Coach Samardo shares his journey with P.H.A.S.E.1 Academy Jamaica ballers.

Samuels' journey in basketball began during his high school career at Saint Benedict's Preparatory School in Newark, New Jersey. With impressive rankings and standout performances, he caught the attention of scouts and earned accolades such as being ranked 9th in the nation by and 2nd by Alongside fellow star Tristan Thompson, Samuels led St. Benedict's Prep to an outstanding season, solidifying his status as one of the top prospects in the nation.

Choosing to continue his basketball journey at the University of Louisville, Samuels excelled on the college stage, starting every game he played in and leading his team in scoring and rebounding. His stellar performance earned him recognition and paved the way for his transition to the professional ranks.

In the NBA, Samardo Samuels made his mark with the Cleveland Cavaliers, showcasing his talent and earning a multi-year contract. Despite going undrafted, he proved himself with his impressive skills and work ethic, leaving a lasting impression on the basketball world.

Now, as Samardo Samuels joins P.H.A.S.E.1 Academy as our ambassador and coach, he brings with him a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion for the game. On Saturday, Feb 24th, from 12pm-2pm at Montego Bay Community College, Samuels officially joined started with P.H.A.S.E.1 Academy Jamaica leading a special training session to prepare the players for the historic Phenom Prep National Championships in RockHill, South Carolina on March 8-10.

Coach Samardo at P.H.A.S.E.1 Academy

This monumental event marks the first time ever a Jamaican prep basketball team will competes in a USA prep national championship, and we couldn't be more excited to have Samuels leading the way. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from a true basketball legend and be part of history in the making! 💪🏽🏆 #SamardoSamuels #PHASE1Academy #JamaicanBasketball #PrepNationalChampionships


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