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Rising From the Shadows: Jamaica's Underdog U17 Team Aims for Glory at Centrobasket Championships


In the sun-kissed island of Jamaica, a group of ten young basketball stars are set to embark on an extraordinary journey of hope, determination, and sheer grit. This summer, they will be representing their nation at the U17 FIBA Centrobasket Championships in Belize City, Belize. While this team may lack experience in international competition, they possess an unwavering spirit that will make them formidable underdogs, ready to take on the world and leave an indelible mark on Jamaican basketball.

An Unfamiliar Path:

The final roster for the Jamaican U17 team is a unique blend of local talents and players with Jamaican heritage from across the globe. These youngsters, with six of them recently turning 15 years old, are about to embark on their first foray into international basketball. As they gear up for the challenges that await, they are fueled by the dreams of a nation that sees greatness in their potential.

The Diverse Jamaican Team:

The team's core consists of five local Jamaican players who earned their spots through rigorous selection camps in Montego Bay, Manchester, Kingston, and Spanish Town. Anthoine Daye, Zachary Smith, Joel Hamm, Ajani Walters, and Jonathan Beckford embody the passion and resilience of Jamaican basketball. Complementing them are five international players, hailing from the United States and the United Kingdom, who have embraced their Jamaican roots to represent the land of their ancestors. Marcus McDonald and Triston McDonald, who gained experience from the 2021 Centrobasket Jamaica Team, bring leadership and maturity to the squad. Joining them are D'Marley Elliott, Ahmad Torrence and Kyro McCalla whose desire to wear the Jamaican colors symbolizes the unity of the diaspora.

At the helm of this talented bunch is Technical Director and Head Coach Wayne Dawkins, whose impressive basketball journey includes leading a Canadian U18 team to a Silver medal at the 2001 World Junior Basketball Tournament in Douai, Northern France, against a USA team led by the legendary Carmelo Anthony. Assisting Coach Dawkins are former Jamaica National Team guard and women's assistant coach, Dave Black, and experienced coaches Phil Edwards from Canada and Sarone Kennedy from the United States.

Challenges Along the Way:

The journey to Belize City has not been without its challenges. Less than 48 hours before departing for Belize, the team faced an unexpected roadblock when they were informed by the Jamaica Basketball Federation flights for five talented local players that earned their spot (Lebron Lewinson, Malik Edwards, Richard Atkins Jr., D'Aire Patterson and Nathan Ricketts) could not be booked because of travel route issues that required USA visitor visas. However, the team's unwavering determination to shine on the global stage led them to adapt and embrace new opportunities.

Head Coach Wayne Dawkins, a basketball veteran with a proven record of success, believes that the obstacles have only strengthened his team's resolve. He states, "Despite the last-minute challenges, we are very optimistic that the replacement players are prepared because of the previous cohort training and AAU travel experience they received with P.H.A.S.E. 1 Academy. We have the athleticism and determination built in our DNA."

A Beacon of Hope:

As the Jamaican U17 team steps onto the court in Belize City, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of a nation. This is not just a basketball team; they are young ambassadors of unity and perseverance, representing the spirit of Jamaica. The passion in their hearts and the love for the sport that courses through their veins will fuel their pursuit of glory.

The Underdog Journey Begins:

While this team may be seen as underdogs in the world of basketball, they possess an unyielding determination that knows no bounds. Every dribble, pass, and shot will be a testament to their undying spirit and love for the game. Stay tuned, for these young men are about to shine a light on Jamaican basketball for the whole world to see.

As they embrace the underdog spirit, they remind us all that dreams can be achieved with dedication and belief. Let us rally behind these rising stars and witness them carve a path to glory. Jamaican basketball is about to witness a revolution, and these ten players are the catalysts. The journey is just beginning, but their legacy will resonate for generations to come.

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