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P.H.A.S.E. 1 Academy's First Training Centre

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Three Days Training Centre Recap

The P.H.A.S.E.1 Academy and the Elite 1 Recruiting hosted the first session in their monthly Basketball Development Training Centres. The (3) day P.H.A.S.E. 1 Academy Basketball Development Training Centre was held at GC Foster College from Saturday December 17, to Monday December 19th 2022.The training session hosted individuals from across the island for athlete development training. The aim of the P.H.A.S.E.1 Academy Training Centre is to unify the training and development of local athletes and create focus groups catering to the athletes that show the highest potential. This is carried out through centralizing training of all P.H.A.S.E 1 Academy groups in Jamaica. This includes professional women and men basketballers, and boys and girls from various high schools across Jamaica. The training center sessions feature a holistic developmental program inclusive of skill development, athletic training, injury reduction, nutritional mentorship, and game strategy. Approximately 273 participants were hosted over the three days period.

Training Highlights

“The training center is open to all because we want everyone to have an opportunity to be professionally trained, however the main aim is to identify individual athletes with exceptional potential who can become scholarship players, professionals and represent Jamaica on the global stage,” said League President, Wayne Dawkins. He also expressed that the work ethics of the participants have been great and that it is very evident that they’re hungry to play the game and develop their talent.

A Focus on Women Basketball

The daily sessions were divided into boys, girls, women, and men sessions. One of the main focuses for this season and onward is to develop the women basketball franchise. As such, the corresponding objectives of the training centre is to increase the number of females playing basketball in Jamaica, and to raise their level of play. Across the three days, over forty (40) talented high school, college, and national team women from across the island were present. The three (3) days session for the boys was attended by over 129 talented high school males from across the island. The sessions for the members of the upcoming E1CBL league hosted 26 players.

Women Training Testimonials

Jada Irving,16

“My expectations was to gain more knowledge and to be better at my weak spots. My experience was rough but in order to be better it isn’t always going to be easy.”

Mikhaela Irving,18

“My expectations coming into this day camp is the same as Star Search that I came last summer. It is actually the same but the training here is a bit harder I would say. The core work, the pain is there. I experienced a lot. We learning how to dribble properly & how to go by a defender. ”

Asia William,18

“I expected the training to be intense and focusing on the little details as ball handling and form shooting. My experience was great and I liked how they focused on the little things as I said like ball handling and how you position your hand. It was great, the coaches are great and always there to give positive feedback and I really appreciated it.”

Boys Training Testimonials

Lebron Lewinson, 16

“My intention was just to try my best in training to get better. The experience was challenging but great and I learnt a few new skills which included team communication & ball management.”

Shawan Edwards, 14

“I participated in the training sessions because I believed it would build my experience in basketball & allow me to meet new people. I learnt new skills like how to pass defenders like jab-stepping & pivoting. I also learnt how to shoot properly because I used to use my two hands to shoot so this really helped me a lot.”

Rushaugn Bent,15

“ My expectations coming into the training centre was to get better, improve my skills & be a better player overall. My experience has been great. I’m at high school right now, I train at school but this is a whole new experience, a different game and I’m loving it. I have learnt how to shoot & handle the ball better”

Written by Joleen Slack, Writer and Public Relations Intern, Dawkins Sports Management

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