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P.H.A.S.E. 1 sponsors Jamaica Basketball Association’s FIBA Coaching Clinic

P.H.A.S.E 1 Academy, the multi-national basketball training and development organization, contributed a $150,000 sponsorship and other essentials for the Jamaica Basketball Association (JABA)-led World , Association of Basketball Coaches clinic, held at the University of West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. Backed by global basketball governing body FIBA, the two-week clinic, which ran from Monday, December 5, 2023 to Saturday, December 17, 2023, was designed to provide a select group of coaches locally from Jamaica and across the Caribbean with the opportunity to learn from veteran coaches and gain an internationally-recognized level one coaching certificate.

P.H.A.S.E 1 Academy has been a leader in driving Jamaica’s basketball growth coming out of COVID, and when JABA requested the organization’s help, they did not hesitate. In addition to the aforementioned $150,000, P.H.A.S.E 1 provided training vests for the demonstrating athletes who were present at the clinic, shirts for participating coaches, and free access to their Basketball Training Alliance (BTA), a proprietary assessment and evaluation tool for basketball skills training online, which can be found at

The Clinic

The clinic was divided into two groups of 15 coaches, with each group participating in the certification course for one week. The coaches selected by JABA for the clinic were chosen for their potential to coach at the international level, and the intensive training they received during the two weeks was geared at unlocking their full potential.

The clinic, which also allowed for the coaches to receive First Aid-certification, also involved an intensive regimen that constantly kept track of the coaches’ overall progress and development throughout the clinic, made possible through multiple, in-depth assessments. Following the eventful and edifying two weeks, the coaches were rewarded with their level one coaching certification, as well as special recognition and endorsement by FIBA, who have promised to the coaches’ names and certification status on their FIBA website, ensuring that they are recognized by the global basketball community.

Coaches Pleased

The opportunity to participate in the coaching clinic is a major milestone for these coaches, and they are already looking forward to the next step in their development. After one year, they will be able to move on to level two certifications, and continue to grow and improve as coaches.

The partnership with JABA, which made the clinic possible, represents just another step in P.H.A.S.E 1 Academy’s mission to improve the overall quality of basketball in Jamaica, and is in step with their ultimate aim of making the Caribbean island a global hub for basketball, capable of producing elite players, coaches and events.

P.H.A.S.E 1 is proud to have assisted this important event, and the organization already has its sights set on how it can work with JABA and other basketball associations around the world to support the development of coaches and players at all levels.

The coaching clinic has been well-received by the coaches who participated, with many of them noting the value of the training and the opportunity to network with coaches from around the world. It was a consensus among the specially selected lot that they will bring the knowledge they have gained back to their respective communities and help the sport grow and develop across Jamaica.

Ultimately, the FIBA World Coaches Clinic has been a success, and the level of expertise provided, which yielded valuable coaching insights and certifications, will no doubt result in a rising tide for Jamaica’s basketball. With the endorsement of FIBA, these coaches will be well-prepared to take on the challenges of coaching at the international level in short order, and help to grow the sport of basketball around the world.

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