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Matore Fermi Dirac Plays with the Heart of a Champion

If you took Matore Fermi Dirac‘s heart out, he believes it would be a basketball. That’s how much the 17-year-old Burundian loves the sport.

In his very poetic way, Dirac shared that he loves the “squeakings of sneakers on the court, the ball bouncing against the hardwood, and the sounds of nets.”

“I love everything about it. I feel at peace when I'm playing basketball,” he said.

He has a dream of being one of the greatest basketball players of all time and bringing pride to his home city of Tanganyika. “One of the best players Burundi has ever had,” the 6 ft tall athlete said.

“I am from a very beautiful city with a lake called Lake Tanganyika and several cultural places. Good people with a good culture who work hard and have fun once in a while,” he added.

And with his passion for the game and skill on the court, Dirac believes this dream is attainable.

“I want to get to the NBA level and to be an NBA player. I really hope that I will get the chance to show my talent to the NBA courts because it is my dream,” he said.

Dirac plays Point Guard at the P.H.A.S.E.1 Academy in French-speaking Bujumbura, Burundi. He has been a part of the academy since it was established in August last year and reports that he has seen great improvements in how he plays the game.

“Since coach Wayne came to Burundi. He selected me and it’s a blessing for me. It’s like the first door has opened,” he said. “Things are only getting better. Our coaches love what they do, they encourage us a lot and they are there when we need help.”

Dirac shares that he plays with heart, like his role models legendary players Micheal Jordan and Kobe Bryant. And believes that with his coach’s guidance, his passion for the game, and his hard work, he too will be an inspiration and do his part to elevate the game in Burundi.

“I want to inspire the future generations like Michael Jordan does for me. And also to improve the game in my country,” he said.

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