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From The 6ix to Scorpions; A Point Guard’s View on The Team’s Journey to Phoenix, Arizona

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

I had the pleasure of interviewing point guard Malcolm London. He is one of the athletes who travelled from his home in the densely populated area of Eastern Toronto to the desert-like city of Phoenix, Arizona.

London has been attending P.H.A.S.E. 1 Academy for 3 years, and after the interview, anyone would conclude that this trip will be life-changing.

An insightful London said basketball is more than just a game for him. "It's an escape- a way of getting out of the world," he said. And it's an escape he found since he was a baby.

Describing himself as a "Man of God", a fact he's not afraid to share with anyone, London said he really puts God first in everything he does. And that he brings "a good energy to the team," because "[he's] passionate, and a good example on the court. [He's] a team leader."


Feelings About The Trip

After spending so much time being cooped up inside because of the quarantine measures, this trip was a good opportunity for him.

“It was good to get out and finally play again. So I was really happy for that opportunity.” No doubt other teammates felt the same way.

So far, London has been enjoying the "really good chemistry" among him and his teammates. He said that his favourite experience was getting to know his teammates on and off the court. It looks like the team has bonded well.


Reflection & Advice

London admits that he sometimes gets frustrated when a referee makes a decision he does not quite agree with. He laughed saying that "basketball is about possession." So yes, it can be annoying.

However, he is trying to improve how he "handles different situations" on the court.

And for someone who's just starting how in the game, London has this advice; "try to see if basketball is really for you... Do you want to play basketball for the rest of your life?"

If this is the case, then he wants them to "Eat. Sleep. Live. Breath--Basketball."

The first time "[he] started playing basketball really seriously" and "travelling around, [his] friends changed because [he] didn't get to spend a lot of time with them as [he] normally would." He said he definitely feels like this trip, ”the first weekend” especially has made him feel like he “actually belonged here.” The team has become family to him-- brothers.


What is Phoenix Like?

London said the area of Phoenix is "really nice... there's definitely something different about it." It's "warm", and houses are "spaced out." He even "[likes] it better than Toronto"! and he's excited to see "some scorpions and some lizards".


The conversation was enjoyable. Let's see what else this trip holds, and how it will impact other teammates.

- By Dalia Hall

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