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BP1 vs. Olympus Prep Academy

Game One: Against Olympus prep was a good experience for the BP1 boys. Our boys came out strong and defend. Dispite the hard work as a unit on defence, the boys were unable to stop  hold the strong inside plays of the other team. Elijiah Anderson played a great game leading his team with 22pts and 4 steals, and disrupted the ball well with 5 assist. Other highlights were Jaden Burke with a game high of 7 assist and Malcolm London shooting over 50% from the field at 6-11. The final score was 91-65.

Game Two: The BP1 boys were going back and forth, bucket for bucket with Olympus in the first half. Keeping it close and playing good defense BP1 went into the end of the second half down by 6pts. They maintained their effective team play into the third, but was unable to stay within reach and Olympus pulled away in the forth winning the game 65-47. Miguel Bruan has a good game for BP1 leading his team with 19pts. Once again game by Jaden Burke with 15pts and 4 assist.

Game Three: The BP1 team had a tough start and got their first basket around the 16 minute mark. Olympus gave the boys a hard time by getting baskets at will in the paint. Once the boys were able to make an adjustment defensively, they were able to get something going offensively. Unfortunately the boys were unable to get back into the game in the second half and lost 128-77. Jaden Burke led his team with 25pts, 8 rebs, 4assist and 3steals.

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