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The name P.H.A.S.E. 1 reflects our vision; to help people maximize their "P-otential", unlock the passion in their "H-eart", develop a confident "A-ttitude" and learn "S-kils" to assist them on their Journey of an "Elite 1".

Elite 1 - /əˈlēt/1/ - Noun

-  an individual that sets and pursues goals, defying all obstacles along the way: 

ie. "Journey of an Elite 1" "I Am An Elite 1"

P.H.A.S.E.1 has over 25 years of experience in organizing and hosting leagues, tournaments and events that have contributed substantially to the growth of the youth sports industry worldwide.

The word "elite" is used to describe a group of people at the top of their chosen profession (Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Lebron James, Serena Williams, Jeff Bezos...). We view them as arriving at the end of their journey, living a healthy, energetic and fun lifestyle, but the journey for them is ongoing. 

Although grouped together as arriving to elite status, these individuals have been on a singular journey as Elite 1’s overcoming unique obstacles, while relentlessly pursuing their goals. Their journey started inside of them and whether it was with mom, dad, a coach or mentor assisting through the challenges, as Elite 1’s they chose to stay the course. Therefore the Journey of an Elite 1 is possible regardless of our age, gender, race or economic status because we all possess the ability to choose to set the first goal. 

"An Elite 1 embraces the challenge of reaching a goal, understanding that each milestone builds perseverance and equips them to accomplish greater goals." - Wayne Dawkins

Contact Us

International: (480)235-9954

Jamaica: (876)289-3912

67 Old Hope Rd.,

Kingston 5, St. Andrew, Jamaica

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